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Our Core Values

Never take life too serious. Or your business. We encourage and believe in working hard to get to your goals and dreams, just remember to take a breathe, kick out the stress, laugh and be greatful for the life and the journey you are on right now.   

Always go through life with an open mind. Life's meant to be explored and talked about through our own personal experiences. Be open to any and all possibilities in life, we encourage it. 

Escape the norm, and shake your life up. We are a business that caters to people living a fun and full life who don't follow all of life's rules.  


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  • Humorous Designs
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  • Party Clothing
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About Us

Top Retail E-commerce Shop in North Hudson

What started as a simple idea has transformed into a passion. Dirty Dick, an apparel company based in Hudson, is more than just a collection of t-shirts. ...

Express Yourself in Style

We take pride in offering stylish, functional apparel that speaks volumes about your personality and style. Our range of products makes it easy for you to ...

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide everyone with positive energy and a laugh or two. Be adventurous, don't settle, and be open to anything life has to offer.